Protecting Our Natural Environment

As a biologist who spent over 30 years in the field and in business devising strategies to protect wildlife, I am very concerned about the future of our environment.  Given Midland’s location and abundance of significant natural resources, protecting our environment must have a high priority.  We see evidence all around that we need to […]

Fostering Job Opportunities and Economic Development

As I have said many times during the campaign, I want Midland to be a prosperous community providing value for taxes, good jobs and a sound economy, where our children grow up, get good jobs and choose to stay. I am a 5th generation Midlander.  The Midland I grew up in was a prosperous place […]

Midland Bay Landing: The Future is Now

We have a wonderful opportunity to develop the Town’s waterfront into a focal point for residents and visitors to Midland. Maximizing the attributes of this beautiful Georgian Bay location we can create a mixed-use neighbourhood with parks and open space, enhanced access to the water, and the residential, recreational, cultural, institutional and commercial uses that […]

Community Safety is Everybody’s Business

Over the past few years public safety has emerged as a real concern in Midland.  Like most urban areas, small towns to large cities, Midland is experiencing an increase of incidents, particularly downtown, driven by several factors including poverty, homelessness and drugs.  The impact is also spreading to other parts of our community. During the […]

Reach out to Us ….. A New Way of listening!

Communication from the Town about events, information sessions or meetings usually takes the form of a notice on the Town website or social media and, an advertisement in the Midland Mirror.  Some notices are dry and full of legalese, others are more interesting and informative. What is clear talking to residents at their doorsteps is that we […]


Affordable Housing ?

As mayor one of my top priorities will be to convene a ‘Mayor’s Taskforce on Affordable Housing’ to bring together developers, real estate industry representatives, social housing groups, County representatives and interested community members to ensure that we look at all the issues as we move this agenda forward. I will press senior levels of […]