Growth and Prosperity

Midland has all the elements to be a strong and prosperous community.

Stewart Strathearn

My Priorities:

  • Develop Midland as an economic hub
  • Invest in infrastructure and community development
  • Build partnerships with surrounding communities
  • Foster a culture of ‘more red carpet, less red tape’
  • Encourage the right kind of growth to sustain Midland’s future

As Mayor I will:

  • Streamline planning and approval processes
  • Ensure Council is more transparent – providing more relevant information to citizens and ensuring their opportunity to participate 
  • Ensure Midland Bay Landing site develops according to the established Master Plan, with public access to the entire waterfront
  • Support of the Economic Development Corporation of North Simcoe in bringing good jobs to Midland

Midland needs strong, proven, progressive leadership to continue the momentum in growth and prosperity.

Stewart Strathearn