Managing Short-Term Rentals

Our Bay has long been a place that others have wanted to visit with their family – to get out of the city, relax and get on the water. As cottage country real estate has been snapped up over the years, it has become harder and harder for many families and individuals to be able to take advantage of the beauty of our region.

For many, AirBNB and other services that provide the opportunity to book Short-Term Rentals has been an amazing way to regain access to a vacation on the water. Unfortunately as with many services, there have been some bad apples who abuse this privilege. Party Homes, trash, noise, “toys” used without consideration and bad language are all concerns that I have been hearing over the past few years.

This unfortunate reality is one we have to discover how to manage. I understand the anger that our community has when a rental goes wrong! But this does not call for a knee-jerk lock-down that wouldn’t hold up – it requires a balanced approach and co-operation with the landlords and companies that manage this industry. As we saw in Oro-Medonte, we need an approach that works and an approach that sticks.

Working with our Heads of Council and staff, I have been researching what other municipalities have been doing with an eye to finding what works, what holds up and what actually has some teeth to make this a more positive (or at least an easily correctable situation when things go wrong) experience for our Town.

I would love to hear more of your ideas – send me an email or message, or give me a call.